ideal solution for laptops with HDMI or VGA output

General Details
IPC-1H controller incorporates an HDMI connection facilitating connection for new laptops, keeping an analog VGA + audio connection for older laptops. With the control panel has the ability to manage input source of your projector. Also it offers the possibility of controlling an electric screen or lift system via a relay contact closure.
Technical Info
  • Ideal solution for laptops with HDMI or VGA output
  • Incorporates HDMI connections (Passthrough) IN VGA, Audio IN and USB IN (type B)
  • Includes HDMI output connections, VGA OUT, Audio OUT, USB OUT
  • Adjustable volume control
  • USB connection for connecting your whiteboard, interactive projector or digital monitor with your laptop
  • Relay contact closure (optional)
  • Kit includes cables to connect all devices
More information
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