Flexible and cost-effective solutions for Video Public Broadcasting,Remote Monitoring, Multimedia Conference Rooms, schools & Training facilities etc, where high quality video VGA signals necessary.

General Details
Allows one Video Input to split and amplifies the same image up to 4 Video Outputs simultaneously, with bandwidths of 350MHz

Easy to use and set-up, simply connect your systems with your VGA Cables to the splitter or the selector, and connect your monitor and/or projector to the output port.

Technical Information
IN / OUT : 1 In 4 Out
Video Input Connectors : 1 x HDB-15 Male
Video Output Connectors : 4 x HDB-15 Female
Max. Resolution : 1600 x 1200
Bandwidth : 350Mhz
Signal Type : VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA
Operating Temperature : 0-40 degrees (Celsius)
Storage Temperature : -5–70 degrees (Celsius)
Housing : Metal
DC Power Adapter : 9V
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 130 x 98 x 45 mm